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Introduction to Plumbing Tools and Drawings Free Course

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  • The plumbing profession places both physical and intellectual demands on plumbers. While the physical aspects of the job such as using tools to install and maintain plumbing systems are clearly visible, the intellectual requirements of the trade are skills that are used in the background. Performing basic math calculations and reading plumbing drawings are examples of such intellectual tasks. This free online course in plumbing introduces the learner to the wide array of tools used by plumbers in the trade. These tools range from measuring and layout tools to those used for leveling, cutting, and assembling pipes and fittings. The course also covers topics on basic math and plumbing drawings, which include basic math skills essential for plumbers to calculate pipe measurements, and how to read construction drawings, how to identify the components that make up these drawings and the types of plumbing drawings a professional in this field will have to read and interpret. This course will be of great interest to all professionals who want a deeper knowledge and understanding of plumbing tools and drawings. It will also be of interest to those learners who have completed the first course on plumbing and would like to build upon that knowledge by doing the next course in the series.

  • Having completed this course the learner will be able to:
    - Identify the hand and power tools that are specific to plumbing;
    - Describe the various types of tools used for measuring and layout, leveling, cutting, drilling, assembling, and holding pipes and fittings;
    - Recognize the importance of knowing basic math skills that will help to accomplish plumbing tasks;
    - State the components of a construction drawing;
    - List the various types of drawings used by plumbers in the profession;
    - Discuss the terms associated with plumbing tools and drawings.

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Modules List( 4 )
  • Module 1: Plumbing Tools
    • Plumbing Tools - Learning Outcomes
    • Introduction to Plumbing Tools
    • Terms Associated with Plumbing Tools
    • Measuring and Layout Tools
    • Leveling Tools
    • Tooth-Edged Cutting Tools
    • Smooth-Edged Cutting Tools
    • Drilling and Boring Tools
    • Pipe Threaders and Soldering Tools
    • Assembly and Holding Tools
    • Lesson Summary
  • Module 2: Plumbing Math
    • Plumbing Math - Learning Outcomes
    • Introduction to Plumbing Math
    • Basic Math Review
    • Measuring Pipe
    • Lesson Summary
  • Module 3: Plumbing Drawings
    • Plumbing Drawings - Learning Outcomes
    • Introduction to Construction Drawings
    • Terms Associated with Construction Drawings
    • Components of Construction Drawings
    • Reading Plumbing Drawings
    • Types of Plumbing Drawings
    • Lesson Summary
  • Module 4: Introduction to Plumbing Tools and Drawings Assessment
    • Plumbing Tools and Drawings Assessment
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Module 4: Introduction to Plumbing Tools and Drawings Assessment
You must score 80% or more to pass this assessment.
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