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How to Manage Your Time

Learn about key time management skills to help boost your productivity with this free online course.

Publisher: TJ Walker
When you learn to master and control your own actions, your daily habits, and your focus, your time will be spent in ways that give you great outcomes and fulfilment. Personal development expert TJ Walker will teach you the steps to time management using simple habits and practices that you can use daily to become adept. He shares with you the latest technology driven solutions to guide you down a path of time management and productivity.
How to Manage Your Time
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Mastering good time management skills leads to the advancement of your professional objectives and personal aspirations. By learning how to control your actions, focus and daily habits you advance one step closer to that mastery. In this course, you will be introduced to personal development expert TJ Walker and the techniques and methods of time management that he espouses. More specifically, you will learn about the Selfie Speak Programming (SSP) model. Created by Walker, this model reinforces human behaviour and habits so you can excel in managing your time and reaching your goals. You will familiarize yourself with the Pareto Principle as you learn the difference between good uses of your time and bad ones. You will learn how to create SSP audio files to help reinforce beneficial daily habits and you will see why Walker suggests that you listen to your file every day. Do you have any prior experience creating audio productions? This course takes you through the creation process, while also providing recording tips to help calm your nerves and produce a pro-level audio clip.

You will take a deep dive into the cellphone and how it has affected time management in the modern age. You will cover how the cellphone is a major source of brain pollution, while also covering how it is the single most powerful tool of time management. You will learn how to take control of your phone. This includes creating audio with the memo tool, focusing on your work using the do not disturb setting of your cellphone and the importance of your cellphones off button. How often do you find yourself checking your email or social media while at work daily? You will be introduced to site blockers that will help you regain your time and focus for more important tasks. Here you will also study email and the best practices for handling your address.

The course finishes with two other distractions that can take away much of your time and focus, food and clutter. You will be introduced to the basics of human consumption before delving into daily habits of eating that you should adopt so you can focus on more fulfilling tasks. You will also learn about the clutter found throughout your home and how it is easier than ever to buy more goods to hinder your abilities. More importantly, methods of decluttering your house will be introduced to you. Deciding on where to set up a proper workplace will be discussed too. Throughout this course, you will form a solid understanding of how to develop daily habits to enhance your time management abilities and set you on the course for success in work and life. Start this course today to learn the basics of time management for modern life.

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