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How to get Angel Investors Supporting Your Business

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How to get Angel Investors Supporting Your Business
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  • The term 'Angel Investor' started in the 1930's when people invested in movies that were being produced in Hollywood. The term carried its way into the technology sector and today 'Angel Investor' describes an individual who invests in early stage companies or start-ups. In this course Ron Conway and Mike Maples discuss what an Angel Investor can do for early stage companies and what criteria investors use to give financial backing to companies. They explain how investors assess failure and success, and what advice they would give to start-ups. They also explain how the important transition for any company from an Angel Investor to Venture Capitalists should proceed.

    This course will be of great interest to entrepreneurs or business professionals who work in early stage companies or start-ups and are considering applying for financial support from Angel Investors. Few people can advise on angel investing better than Ron Conway and Mike Maples. If you are thinking of raising angel investment capital, we suggest you first study this free online course.

  • Learning outcomes: - How to match an Angel Investor with a business; - Understand what Angel Investors do; - Assessing failure and success; - Transitioning from an Angel Investor to a Venture Capitalist

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