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HIV/AIDS - Awareness & Prevention

Learn the common misconceptions about HIV and AIDS that will raise awareness and prevention of these diseases.

Publisher: Advance Learning
This free online HIV/AIDS course teaches focuses on awareness and prevention of the disease. This global health issue continues to affect millions of people. With this course, you will get a comprehensive understanding of the impact of HIV/AIDs on both individuals and communities around the world. You will also look into the common misconceptions surrounding this disease and examine its spread, including its death toll on a global scale.
HIV/AIDS - Awareness & Prevention
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The spread of AIDS and HIV is both a threat and a challenge to development programs in developing countries. This is why improvements in child healthcare have made a big turnaround in recent years. This course will discuss HIV and AIDS including the spread of AIDS and the deaths it has caused in different countries. You will learn how Thailand made a move to make their people aware of the disease with the Thailand’s AIDS Education program as well as their Prevention and Care Project.

You will then look at the common misconceptions and false understandings about HIV and AIDS and learn the truth behind those misconceptions. The course will cover basic information about HIV/AIDS, from having an HIV test to living with HIV or AIDS which will be a great help in its awareness and prevention. By learning how to protect yourself from the disease, HIV/AIDS can stop being a threat to the community.

HIV (human immunodeficiency viruses) and AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) are potentially life-threatening infections and illnesses that can take over your body once your immune system has been severely damaged by the said diseases. The best way to help prevent spread of HIV and AIDS is education, and by informing people about the risks and how to protect themselves from it. This course teaches safe health practices, AIDS awareness, prevention, and control. Have a look at the course today, and learn something truly essential.

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