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Grassroots and Biomed Innovations

Learn about grassroots innovation and the need for the development of new medical devices with this free online course.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online course on Grassroots and Biomed Innovations provides you with some great insights into the innovation of medical devices. You will learn about the Honey Bee Network along with the six major types of exclusion. You will be introduced to the landscape of the Indian industry and discuss the critical disciplines required for medical innovation. Start this course today and enhance your skills and knowledge of medical innovation.
Grassroots and Biomed Innovations
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Grassroots and Biomed Innovations is a free online course that begins by introducing you to the significance of learning from grassroots innovation. You will learn about the foundation of the Honey Bee Network and the teachers who lectured on the various processes of Shod Yatra. This course will also teach you about inclusion, exclusion as well as the six dimensions of inclusion/exclusion. You will be introduced to the three pillars of sustainability along with the various types of exclusion.

This course then explains the need for the innovation of new medical devices as well as the development and commercialization of these devices. You will learn about the Indian industry landscape and some important sustainable development goals.You will gain an understanding of the four critical disciplines needed during the processes of medical device innovation. You will become familiar with the importance of team building, clinical immersion, concept, and feasibility.

Furthermore, you will discuss the role of clinicians in the innovation of medical devices. You will be able to explain the concept of the Bedside to Bench to Business to Bedside cycle as well as the smart stethoscope module. This free online course will be of great interest to students, researchers, and anyone with an interest in technology and innovation. So, register for this course and start your next learning journey today.

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