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Fundamentals of Network Security Free Course

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  • Computer networks are central to modern digital communication technologies; however, network security is constantly under attack from both external and internal sources.

    This free online course examines the fundamentals of network security and covers topics such as active and passive attacks on networks, encryption, symmetric and asymmetric key systems, authentication using certification authorities, and access control using passwords and firewalls.

    This course will be of interest to IT professionals who want to learn more about network security or students who are interested in a career as an IT or network administrator.

  • Upon completion of this course you will understand and be more aware of the potential threats that are continuously experienced in computer networks today. You will know the measures that need to be taken to avoid these problems in your own computer network. You will know the businesses that are more at risk of security concerns and the actions taken to reduce these concerns in a business. You will understand factors of security, such as encryption, that are used to protect computer networks.

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Modules List( 6 )
  • Fundamentals of Network Security Course Resource
  • Module 1: Introduction to Network Security
    • Introduction to Network Security
    • Vulnerability to Threat and Attack
    • Importance of Effective Network Security Strategies
    • Typical Network Security When Using Your Computer
  • Module 2: Threats to Communication Networks
    • The Development of Network Security Measures
    • Terminology about Data Storage, Processing or Transmission
    • Digital Dangers - Audio File
    • Passive Attacks and Active Attacks
    • Potential Network Vulnerabilities
    • Tapping into Transmission Media
  • Module 3: Role of Encryption in Network Security
    • Principles of Encryption
    • Overview Symmetric Key Systems
    • The Components of a Symmetric Key System
    • Asymmetric Key Systems
    • Symmetric and Asymmetric Key Systems
    • Vulnerability to Attack
  • Module 4: Implementing Encryption in Networks
    • Implementing Encryption in Networks
    • Link Layer, Network Layer and Application Layer Encryption
    • Encryption and Integrity
    • Hash Values
    • Introduction to Freshness
  • Module 5: Authentication and Access Control
    • Overview of Authentication Methods
    • Certification Authorities and Digital Certificates
    • Access Control - Passwords
    • Access Control - Firewalls
    • Packet-Filtering Router
    • Application Level and Circuit Level Gateways
    • Examples of Firewall Implementation
  • Network Security Assessment
    • Network Security Assessment
Topics List ( 1 )
Network Security Assessment
Network Security Assessment
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