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Fundamentals of Project Management

Learn how to successfully manage any project and understand important project phases and project management tools.

Publisher: XSIQ
This free online fundamentals of project management course will teach you the most important aspects of project management in a clear and simple manner. There are certain project phases, tools, and resources that every project manager needs to know in order to complete a project properly. This course will guide you through all of them, so that you can give your project management skills, and your résumé, a boost today.
Fundamentals of Project Management
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This course will first teach you the history of project management and its most important methodologies. The phases of investigation, planning, design, production, monitoring, and evaluation will be clearly discussed. You will also learn the most important tools used by a project manager including GANTT charts and PERT Diagrams, as well as how to estimate activity time, schedule, and master the Critical Path Method. The different documentation systems such as paper-based, electronic, and media will also be covered.

Next, you will learn about the process of the systems development life cycle. Once you have mastered this, you will be able to identify problems and create solutions in each stage of the project's life cycle, including planning, analysis, design, implementation, and evaluation stages. You will also learn about different issues that can occur when an information system is changed or a new system is introduced.

Project management is a very rewarding career. This Fundamentals of Project Management course is designed so that any aspiring professional can learn what they need to successfully manage any project. By taking this course, you will be able to speak the language of professional project manager. This will give you great confidence, and be a real boost for your career. So, check out the course and start gaining some valuable new skills today.

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