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Fundamentals of Physiotherapy Assistants

This free online course teaches about the basic concept of physiotherapy and the assessment methods they use.

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This course will explore the fundamental physiotherapy practices and the critical role the physiotherapist assistants play in this profession. We will study the assessment methods a physiotherapist uses to evaluate a client's wellness and level of impairment. In addition, we will research various branches of physiotherapy such as neurological, respiratory, sports and musculoskeletal physiotherapy. Register today!
Fundamentals of Physiotherapy Assistants
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In this course, you will learn the basic concept of physiotherapy, its history and its importance to today's healthcare systems. Then we will explore the assessment methods a physiotherapist uses to evaluate a client's wellness and level of impairment. Are you wondering about the relationship between a physiotherapist and a physiotherapist assistant? We will address this relationship before explaining the role of sports physiotherapy in the healthcare system and the circumstances in which they can help. Then we will analyse different sports injuries and physiotherapy treatments for sports injuries.

You will then research the basics of neurological physiotherapy. First, we will learn about neurological diseases and their associated impairments and rehabilitation procedures. Next, we will study musculoskeletal physiotherapy (MSK) and why this is one of the most critical areas of physiotherapy. Then we examine the skeletal muscle structure, common musculoskeletal conditions and the basics of respiratory physiotherapy. We will look at various respiratory conditions and the techniques used by respiratory physiotherapists. Would you like to know the role of paediatric physiotherapy and what rights children have regarding healthcare? This course will help you understand this field.

Then we will teach you the practices of evidence-based physiotherapy. We demonstrate what quality clinical research means and the importance of evidence-based physiotherapy. Would you like to learn about the daily responsibilities of a physical therapist and the skills and knowledge required for the profession? We will explain this in detail and discuss the average salaries, work hours and career prospects. We will also address how to get a job as a physiotherapist assistant. This course is ideal for anyone wanting to learn the basics of physiotherapy or pursue a career in this profession. So why wait? Start your learning journey today.

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