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Fundamentals in Cognitive Robotics

In this free online robotics course, learn the basic building blocks required to create a ‘thinking’ robot.

Publisher: NPTEL
This course has been designed to help you understand what is needed to create the 'robot of the future' that can interact with its environment and understand human needs. The materials needed to build such a robot will be explained, and you will gain insight into the most complex cognitive system in the world - the human brain.
Fundamentals in Cognitive Robotics
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Do you know what is needed to create the robot of the future? In this course on cognitive robotics, you will first be introduced to this exacting and innovative field, where you will learn what is meant by the term ‘cognitive’ and the different schools of thought that exist as to how to deal with the legal and ethical concerns surrounding the creation of such robots.

Secondly, you will learn about a unique type of material, known as smart materials (or intelligent or responsive materials), that can be used to fashion artificial muscle-like limbs for robots, along with smart sensors and actuators, that can help the robot interact with its environment. You will also study the properties that make these materials special and how to use them. Then be introduced to the fascinating world of cognitive science, as you study the make-up of the human brain and the human central nervous system (CNS).

To create a robot that is aware of its surroundings, you need a comprehensive understanding of how the human brain is capable of processing information that allows us to interact with the world. Finally, you will study the nerve cell, the fundamental building block of our cognitive network. Learn about the composition of the neuron and how these cells come together to form complicated neural networks. Why wait? Start your journey now and learn about cognitive robotics to help build an exciting future.

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