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Food Service Excellence - Meat Cutting and Processing

Learn the standard procedures for meat processing and cutting in this free online food service industry course.

Publisher: BCcampus OpenEd
This certificate course teaches you about cutting and processing meat for the food service industry. We study different types of meat and poultry and lay out the terminology used to discuss them. We also show you how meats are inspected and graded. This course covers everything you need to know to begin a career in meat preparation or can help experienced butchers polish their skills and refine their craft.
Food Service Excellence - Meat Cutting and Processing
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This course covers the key procedures and inspection steps in the meat cutting and processing industry. These are essential for any meat product being sold, whether in a retail setting or to restaurants, as they ensure the maintenance of high standards in the supply chain. We also provide a basic understanding of the various meats and cuts, from beef to pork and beyond, and go over the specialist terms used in the food service industry.

The course starts with a module on the science and nutrition of meat that explains its composition and terms like ‘marbling’. We also cover the chemical changes that can happen in the animal before and after slaughter, the ageing of the meat, its fibres and factors affecting tenderness. We examine meat colours and show you how to prevent discoloration by identifying possible abnormalities and diseases associated with meat and meat products. We study nutrition in meat, the effect of human-introduced residues of hormones and antibiotics and proper handling and storage procedures.

The course conducts a case study that covers the Canadian inspection and grading regulations for various meats to illustrate how different meats have different grading types and levels. In our final module, you are taken through the different cuts of meat taken from the meat cutter or animal carcasses, including prime and sub-prime cuts, which are then broken down into smaller retail cuts for restaurant and shop use. This course is of great interest to anyone working in the food service industry and can help farmers learn about how their livestock is processed. Sign up today to gain valuable meat cutting and processing skills to help you find work as a butcher.

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