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Food Safety Training - Safe Practices and Procedures

Learn more about the food sanitation practices and procedures with this food safety training online course.

Publisher: USAID
This free online course in Food Safety course teaches you about safe practices and procedures within food service operations. A solid sanitation and safety program is vital for any food service operation, big or small. By the end of the course you'll know all about the individual cleanliness guidelines applicable to everyone within sanitation and safety operations, as well as the important role the manager plays in these operations.
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This free sanitation course will first introduce you to personal cleanliness and hotel cleanliness. You will learn the guidelines for manual cleaning and how to correctly sanitize dishware, what to look out for when purchasing and receiving foods from an outside supplier. Then you will learn how to store food in the correct environment, how to prepare foods hygienically, and how to prevent and avoid accidents such as burns or cuts. You will also cover foodborne illnesses and examine how they are caused.

Next, the course will guide you through the crucial role of management in maintaining food safety standards. You will learn how to handle incidents and fill out reports are in conjunction with OSHA regulations. You will also learn the guidelines for carrying out inspections to ensure that safety and sanitation procedures are being followed by everyone in the workplace consistently.

This online food safety training course will be of great interest to people who wish to start their own food service operation or who are already working in the food industry. It will also help to provide your food service operation establishment with a good reputation for cleanliness and sanitation. This course is also ideal for those who want to know more about preparing food in a sanitary manner in their own personal lives. So, check out the course and start handling your food correctly today!

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