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Personal Health and Fitness Free Course

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  • Everyday our attitudes and opinions about our personal well-being are influenced by messages and advertising on the television, in newspapers, on the radio and Internet. How the media portrays health and fitness has a major influence on individuals and society as a whole. This free online course begins by looking at how we define what health is and how media and society influence our attitudes and opinions to what we think is healthy and what is not. The course then covers aspects of health and fitness such as healthy eating, aerobic fitness and how exercise affects mental health. This course will be of interest to any person who is interested in their health and wants to be informed and educated on ways to improve their own personal health and fitness.

  • You will understand the important role health and fitness has in our world today. You will know the value of balancing diet and exercise. This course will show you the best ways to exercise to burn more calories.You will be aware of the role of high and low GI foods and understand what foods are more important in your diet.

  • All Alison courses are free to study. To successfully complete a course you must score 80% or higher in each course assessments. Upon successful completion of a course, you can choose to make your achievement formal by purchasing an official Alison Diploma, Certificate or PDF.

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Modules List( 6 )
  • Module 1: Health is Everywhere
    • Health is Everywhere
    • Health and the Media
    • Your Views on Health
    • Different Views on Health
    • Accounting for Health
  • Module 2: Health and Society
    • Health and Income
    • Views on Health - Adults and Children
    • Case Study - Health and Ethnicity in Britain
    • Case Study - Health and Ethnicity in Britain: Audio File
    • Views on Health - Lay People and Professionals
    • Quality of Life
    • Illness and Disease
    • Moving to a Positive Paradigm for Health
    • Antonovsky's Sense of Coherence
  • Module 3: Healthy Eating
    • Activity, Diet and Weight Control
    • Activity and Appetite
    • Preparing for Exercise
    • Role of High GI Foods
    • Diet, Exercise and Cholesterol
  • Module 4: Aerobic Fitness
    • Introduction to Exercise Prescription
    • Exercise Prescription - Frequency, Time and Type
    • Exercise Prescription - Intensity
    • Hydration using Water and Sports Drinks
    • Hydration and Exercise
  • Module 5: Exercise and Mental Health
    • Exercise and Mental Health
    • Evidence for Physical Activity and Mental Health
    • Role of Exercise in Reducing Anxiety and Depression
    • Why Exercise Enhances Mental Health
  • Personal Health and Fitness Assessment
    • Personal Health and Fitness Assessment
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Personal Health and Fitness Assessment
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    1-2 Hours

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