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Physics - Normal and Contact Forces Free Course

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  • Understanding the concept of force and the effects various forces have on objects are very important topics in physics. For example, when you try to move a heavy object it takes more effort to get it moving than to keep it moving because of gravity and the different types of friction involved. In this free online physics course you will learn more about the force of gravity and its counterpart the normal force, and why some objects do not move even when they are on a slope. The force of friction is also discussed, including static and kinetic types, and as friction is dependent on types of the materials involved the course also looks at the coefficient of static friction relative to kinetic friction. Examples of each type of force are worked through giving the learner a clear insight into how forces work together and how to calculate their respective values. This free online physics course will be of great interest to students who are studying physics, chemistry, engineering and mathematics, to students who wish to pursue a career in any of the sciences or engineering fields, and to anybody wanting to understand the dynamics of moving objects on specific surfaces.

  • Learning outcomes:
    - Understand what normal and contact force are;
    - Learn how to calculate normal force;
    - See how to break down force of gravity into its components;
    - Understand static an kinetic friction;
    - Solve for static and kinetic friction;

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  • Module 1: Understanding Normal and Contact Forces
    • Normal Force and Contact Force
    • Normal Force in an Elevator
    • Inclined Plane Force Components
    • Ice Accelerating Down an Incline
    • Force of Friction Keeping the Block Stationary
    • Correction to Force of Friction Keeping the Block Stationary
    • Force of Friction Keeping Velocity Constant
    • Intuition on Static and Kinetic Friction Comparisons
    • Static and Kinetic Friction Example
  • Module 2: Understanding Normal and Contact Forces Assessment
    • Understanding Normal and Contact Forces assessment
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Module 2: Understanding Normal and Contact Forces Assessment
You must score 80% or more to pass this assessment.
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