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English Grammar and Vocabulary - The Weather (Advanced Level)

Learn how to talk about different types of weather.

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This free online English language course will teach you the grammar and vocabulary requited to talk about The Weather. You will learn English vocabulary, collocations, weather-related idioms, and expressions that are commonly used for describing the different types of weather. You will also study the use of generic pronouns, reflexive pronouns, and reciprocal pronouns. The included audio recordings will enhance your English listening skills.





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In this course, English Grammar and Vocabulary - The Weather, you will learn vocabulary for describing different types of weather; collocations frequently used to describe weather (such as bitterly cold, a rough sea); and common weather-related idioms and expressions. In terms of grammar you will study the use of generic pronouns such as 'you', 'one' and 'they'; reflexive pronouns ending in -self and -selves and reciprocal pronouns, e.g. 'each other', 'one another'. Start Course Now