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Engineering System Designs: Qualification Planning & Design Process

In this free online course, learn how to predict an outcome and whether a product meets or exceeds quality requirements.

Engineering & Construction
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This free online course on the Qualification Planning & Design Process, is the third phase of the System Design Process. It covers whether a product meets or exceeds the reliability and quality requirements of its intended application. You will learn how to ensure the system design meets the required standards or requirement, through a step-by-step process, and fulfills stakeholders' expectations.
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Qualification Planning & Design Process is one of the final phases of the design process. Every design process is unique, and this provides a step-by-step guide on how to undertake the qualification and planning process. The aim of the Qualification and Design Process is to verify whether a product meets or exceeds the users needs and quality requirements of its intended application. This process is important as it ensures that the end product meets the user needs and performs as intended

Next, you will learn about Interface Standards, the Design Process and several System Design examples. You will also learn about the integration and qualification of the system, how to ensure it meets the required standards or requirements and how it fulfills the stakeholders' expectations.

This Certificate Course is aimed at anyone in the engineering field who is looking to enhance their promotional prospects. It is also suitable for learners who want career progression within the industry or related sectors; or those who would like to develop their skills in this field. Why wait? Start the course now and boost your career development today.

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