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Diploma in International Tourism with English Language Studies

Get international tourism-focused communication and English language skills.

Tourism and Hospitality
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This free online international tourism diploma course teaches you about English language use in international tourism, and a range of useful English language phrases and vocabulary for speaking English in a tourist environment. This course will teach you the vocabulary required to work in hotels, restaurants, and tourist information centers as well as about the language used in business and destination marketing and sales.





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International tourism is a vital part of the economy of many countries and with its continued growth the tourist industry will provide many employment opportunities for individuals with the appropriate skills and qualifications. This course allows you combine the study of many aspects of international tourism and tourism-focused English language skills.

The course describes the formation of the tourist industry as well as outlining its sectors and employment opportunities. It then explains the needs of both business and pleasure travelers and the ways that tourism businesses/destinations can market themselves effectively. The final section explains how the tourist industry packages and sells tourism products through retail and online channels.

English is the main language of international communication and is essential for people working in the tourist industry. This course introduces the English vocabulary necessary for working at a hotel reception or front desk. It explains how to communicate with potential customers during enquiries as well as how to reserve rooms for hotel guests. It then describes the steps involved in check-in and check-out and how to resolve customer complaints with helpful and non-offensive phrases.

This course details the English necessary for working in restaurants in tourist areas or hotels. It explains how to take customer orders and provides key English expressions for every stage of restaurant service. This course also details the English necessary for working in tourist information offices including how to provide directions, understand guidebooks and write press releases. The English needed for conducting guided tours is also defined.

This course will be of great interest to all learners who would like to develop a career path in the tourist industry and who would like a qualification that combines study of international tourism with the practical application of tourism-focused English language skills.

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Module 1: History of Tourism

Module 2: Modern Tourism

Module 3: Tourism Industry - Career Development

Module 4: Tourism Industry - Sectors

Module 6: Travel Patterns

Module 7: Tourism Destinations

Module 8: The Fundamentals of Tourism Promotion

Module 9: Tourism - Generating Sales

Module 10: Tourism - Retail Travel Sales

Module 12: English for Tourism - Tourist Information and Guided Tours

Module 13: English for Restaurant Service

Module 14: English for Tourism: Hotel Reception and Front Desk

Module 5: Diploma in International Tourism with English Language Studies - First Assessment

Module 11: Diploma in International Tourism with English Language Studies - Second Assessment

Module 15: Diploma in International Tourism with English Language Studies - Third Assessment

Module 16: Diploma in International Tourism with English Language Studies - Final Assessment

Learning Outcomes

Having completed this course the learner will be able to: - Describe how historic travel patterns led to the formation of the modern tourist industry; - Outline the sectors of the tourist industry and the employment and career opportunities it offers; - List the main priorities of business and pleasure travelers and the ways in which travel destinations can appeal to both groups; - Explain how travel destinations and tourism businesses can effectively market and promote themselves; - Describe the role of tour wholesalers, travel agencies and online travel services in packaging and selling tourism products; - Effectively provide potential hotel guests with information during enquiries; - Make a hotel reservation for guests utilising the correct English vocabulary and terminology; - Check guests in and out of hotels in the correct sequence; - Resolve customer complaints with helpful and non-offensive English language phrases; - Answer restaurant customer questions using the definite article and the indefinite article; - Recommend and compare restaurant dishes using adjectives and comparative adjectives; - Understand the correct expressions to utilise during the three stages of restaurant service; - Understand the role of tourist information offices and their staff; - Explain guided tour itineraries using the present simple and predictive future tenses; - Politely take a guided tour booking from customers using indirect questions; - Provide specific and subtle directions in a guided tour commentary; - Utilise adjectives and superlatives effectively in a guided tour commentary; - Use the passive voice effectually in a guided tour commentary.


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