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Diploma in Teaching Skills for Educators

Learn effective classroom management techniques, from communication to planning skills, with this free course.

Publisher: Global Text Project
Alison offers a free online Diploma in Teaching Skills course for Educators that will teach you how to become an effective teacher or trainer. Being a teacher takes more than just accumulated knowledge. With this course, you will learn different techniques to effectively communicate with your students, motivate them to learn, and implement successful instructional planning within the classroom. Level up your skills with this course now!
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Effective teaching skills can have a big impact on each individual student in the classroom. This course begins by introducing you to verbal and non-verbal communication and how to use these tools to stimulate a student's thinking. You will also learn the four main participation structures that guide communication, including their advantages and disadvantages. The lessons will also cover how a teacher uses communication in contrast to how a student uses communication.

Next, the course will tackle instructional planning. You will be introduced to the US National and State learning standards and understand the difference between curriculum frameworks and curriculum guides. Additionally, you will learn how to formulate strong, measurable objectives using cognitive or behavioral approaches as well as how to motivate students using theories of motivation, attribution, interest, and self-efficacy. You will also learn how to select general learning goals for your students.

The educational strategies and behavior management skills taught in this course will benefit all educators and trainers who want to learn more about effective teaching and classroom management. An American writer once said "The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires." Check out this online course and learn how to inspire your students today.

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