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Diploma in Supervision

Develop your leadership skills by studying the professional supervision methods and styles in this free online course.

Publisher: Advance Learning
This free online Supervision diploma teaches you about different ways of giving support to other people and helping them develop good habits, perform more effectively, and feel more comfortable at work. Good supervisory skills are the foundation of strong professional relationships, this course will teach you the supervision and leadership skills that can help you to build and maintain cohesive, effective teams.
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    10-15 Hours
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This course will first discuss the principles of supervision and leadership. You will learn when delegation is needed in your work, study the qualities of a good supervisor, and learn the differences between mentoring and coaching. You will then learn the everyday functions of a supervisor and why good supervisors are essential in the workplace. You will also learn how to motivate employees by studying important theories of motivation such as Maslow's hierarchy of needs and the ERG theory (Existence, Relatedness, and Growth).

You will then learn how and when to provide supervision for staff and volunteers, as well as how to help your staff to grow. You will learn how to conduct performance reviews, correct performance problems, and performance management. The course will also teach you how to manage bullying, manage groups and teams, use KASH to improve the team and resolve team conflict, take corrective action as a supervisor, prevent and handle grievances, and manage change in the workplace.

Acquiring effective supervisory skills can help bring about better outcomes for service users and foster harmonious professional relationships. It can also promote confidence and skill development in workers and staff by creating greater awareness and understanding of others. Most importantly, a good supervisor can help create an opportunity to reflect and reduce workplace stress. By taking this course, you will gain a strong understanding of these supervisory roles and more. All, for free.

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