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Diploma in Social Media Strategy

Learn how an effective marketing strategy can make the most out of social media in this free online diploma course.

Publisher: Workforce Academy Partnership
This diploma course provides the skills you need to become an accomplished social media strategist. We study the rise of social media and explain how to conduct and audit market analysis to help you set goals and select content, channels and platforms. We investigate how to create a social media policy and integrate marketing strategies to improve your client’s brand profile. This diploma course teaches you how to use social media to get ahead.
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    10-15 Hours
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This course traces the rise of social media over the last two decades. We show you how to conduct market analysis to better understand your customer base. We then explain how to audit social networks to identify where to spend resources with maximum return. We use practical demonstrations to illustrate the use of social listening and grading tools.

The course then discusses how to set goals and select platforms that suit your social media content strategy. We examine the role of corporate culture in defining social media marketing plans as we place social media goals in the context of organizational objectives across various platforms. We lay out the process of crafting content that meets your client’s needs step by step.

The course demonstrates how to provide feedback using social media success platforms. We explain how marketing personas work and break down how to organize customer service with examples of target audience feedback. Finally, we show you how to launch successful social media campaigns while composing the relevant documentation and schedules. This diploma course teaches you how to leverage social media into professional success. With its massive audience reach and dynamic marketing capabilities, social media offers organizations the opportunity to reach more people than ever before so sign up to make the most of this exciting new way to communicate.

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