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Diploma in Python Programming

Develop your programming skills by creating functions, variables, and logic statements with this free online course.

Publisher: Channel 9
This free online course in programming in Python will teach you the concepts of programming using the Python language. You will learn about creating variables and storing different types of data in them, working with dates and time, and making decisions with your code and using loops. This course will also teach you how to save and read files with your program, create functions and handling errors with your code, and more!
Diploma in Python Programming
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    10-15 Hours
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This course begins by introducing you to the Concept of Programming and what people can do and have done with programming. You will learn all about Python and why Python is a good programming language to start with. You will learn how to use Visual Studio to create a new Python project, display text on the screen, get the user to input data, store numeric variables in your code, and work with dates and time.

You will then learn how to use your code to check conditions and make decisions with the IF statement. This course will also teach you how to use the ELIF statement to check multiple conditions and use the turtle library to draw lines on-screen. It will also discuss the concept of loops and teach you how to create and save files in your code, import the CSV library to help with reading CSV files, and more!

Get started in programming or improve your ability to write programs using the Python programming language with this course from Alison. It will clearly guide you on creating your first Python program with Visual Studio and make sure you understand the usefulness of its IntelliSense feature. Start this free online course today and start developing your Python abilities today!   

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