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Diploma in Modern Human Resource Management

Human Resources
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Learn effective human resource management practices and procedures, including how to recruit and train your ideal team.




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If you want to work in human resources or as a manager of any business team, you need effective human resource management skills. From designing a team, to effective recruitment, to ongoing people management, human resource management [HRM] practices are essential for running a team or a business. Despite this, many managers do not take the time to really study these practices. This can lead to serious problems in the future. This course is designed to make sure that won’t happen to you.

The course will give you a complete guide through the principles and practices used by HR professionals and managers regarding recruitment, selection, training, and employee motivation. The course will first introduce you to the seven main roles that HRM plays in business. You will then learn the main points in the recruitment process, including how to develop a job analysis, a job description, and job specifications. Next, you will learn about the crucial steps involved in the selection process, including criteria development, application and résumé review, and the most important interview styles and techniques. The course then guides you through the key concepts involved in compensation planning, such as providing the right salary, holiday pay, health benefits, and retirement packages.

Now that you know how to hire the right employee, the course will show you how to keep them productive in the long term. You will first learn about how to design specific retention strategies with the company budget in mind. Next, the course introduces the steps involved in training an employee. You will learn about the goals of orientation, the benefits of in-house versus external training, and how to design an effective training program. You will then learn about the main points of employee motivation, so you can maintain an energetic team in the long term. By the end of the course, you will have gained highly useful human resource management skills and knowledge. This will give your résumé a great boost, and will make you ready to attract, hire, train, and maintain your ideal team.

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Having completed this diploma course the learner will be able to: -

  • Identify the seven main responsibilities of HRM managers;
  • Discuss why diversity and multiculturalism are important to the success of organizations;
  • Outline the recruitment and selection process;
  • Explain the various types of interviews and interview questions;
  • Explain the types of tests that can be administered as part of the selection process;
  • Explain the goals of a compensation plan;
  • Explain the four steps involved when training an employee;
  • Explain and give examples of the types of training that can be offered within an organization;
  • Understand the uses and applications of a career development program;
  • Describe the four types of communication in the workplace;
  • Define the various types of management styles;
  • Explain the types of performance issues that occur in the workplace;
  • Discuss considerations for initiating layoffs or downsizing;
  • Explain employee rights;
  • Describe the various appraisal methods;
  • Explain OSHA laws;
  • Explain health concerns that can affect employees at work.

All Alison courses are free to enrol, study and complete. To successfully complete this Diploma course and become an Alison Graduate, you need to achieve 80% or higher in each course assessment. Once you have completed this Diploma course, you have the option to acquire official Certification, which is a great way to share your achievement with the world. Your Alison Certification is:

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Course Reviews

Tommi S.
one year ago
Tommi S.

great course in HR and the understanding of every part of the skills needed to preform this job.

Gloria M. B.
one year ago
Gloria M. B.

I love this formal studying I learned so much. I wish my job had this and all managers had to take this because it makes way more sense. I enjoyed the learning process!

one year ago

Am Alfred Lahai Junior of sierra leone am happy for becoming Alison graduate in DIPLOMA IN MODERN HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT

Kemi P.
one year ago
Kemi P.

The modules were well divided up and the presentation very easy to understand.

Mohammed A.
2 years ago
Mohammed A.

It was detailed and rich and truly providing a modern perspective.

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