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Diploma in Interpersonal Skills

Develop your interpersonal skills set from communication to emotional intelligence from this free online course.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online course, Diploma in Interpersonal Skills, will guide you through various techniques for improving your interpersonal skills in the workplace. Learn how to be more assertive to communicate effectively, offer creative solutions, and overcome social anxiety in order to establish productive interpersonal relations. Start this course today and take your interpersonal skills to the next level.
Diploma in Interpersonal Skills
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    10-15 Hours
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Develop your interpersonal skills set with this free online course, Diploma in Interpersonal Skills. You will begin with an introduction to the importance of developing interpersonal skills to get ahead in life, and the requirements for effective communication in interpersonal relations. Then, you will study soft skills such as decision-making, creative problem-solving, time management, and leadership skills.

Also, you will learn about the elements of group dynamics, strategies for dealing with stage fright, ways of avoiding Death by PowerPoint in presentations, developing negotiation strategies, and becoming more assertive for improved communication. Finally, you will discuss the dimensions of emotional intelligence, brainstorming techniques for online collaboration, aspects of group discussions, the persuasion process, and the effects of glossophobia on effective communication.

This free online course from Alison will give you an insight into the vital aspects of interpersonal skills for improved relations in the workplace and personal relationships. This course is ideal for students, researchers, and professionals who are interested in gaining an understanding of ways to improve interpersonal relations. Start this course today and implement the tips covered in this course to achieve your desired interpersonal skills level goals.

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