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Diploma in Development Research Methods

Master the research designs and techniques used in development research, in this free online course.

Publisher: NPTEL
This useful course offers a general introduction to the research designs and techniques used in developmental research. It highlights the use of secondary sources and the process of collecting material for review, and discusses quantitative and qualitative methods of conducting social research while analyzing the differences between the two. This course provides you with the background knowledge to apply research methods to real-world challenges.
Diploma in Development Research Methods
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This diploma course in development research methods will provide a general introduction to the process of conducting research in the field of developmental studies. The goal of developmental research is to assess changes in research methodology over an extended period. This course will introduce you to the kind of research questions and environments that researchers are liable to encounter in development work. Firstly, you will explore multiple methods of doing development research, data collection and note-taking in the field. 

Next, this material gives an overview of different aspects of development research, such as preparing for field research, ethical issues and power relationships in the field. It introduces quantitative and qualitative research methods, and various interpretative tools to analyze data and fieldwork observations, to prepare you to carry out and evaluate research on human development. This comprehensive course explores each step in the research process, from the initial concept to the final written product.

Finally, it surveys issues that must be addressed, the decisions that must be made, and the obstacles that must be overcome at every phase in a research project - capturing both the excitement and the challenge of doing quality research on topics of value. Anyone taking this course will develop critical-thinking expertise, as well as analytical, research, and communication skills that are globally sought-after and very beneficial in many career paths because ongoing research is essential to the economic and social development of a globalized society.

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