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Diploma in Children's Studies

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Diploma in Children's Studies
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  • Children from birth to the age of 18 are now considered academically to represent a distinct sociological and cultural class. This means that children are studied as complete individuals in their own right, separate and distinct from adults.

    Alison's course is multi-disciplinary in nature, covering developmental, psychological, familial and sociological aspects of children's studies. It begins by reviewing the psychological development of children and how they learn, then looks at the role of the family and the place of the child within modern family structures.

    The sociological aspects of children’s studies review how the modern state looks after the well-being of its children in a modern society.

    Alison’S Diploma in Children’s Studies will be of great interest to all professionals who work with children or who are responsible for their well-being, and to learners who would like a career working with children in the health, social or caring professions.

    It will also be of interest to parents, or those who want to relate, support, encourage and understand their children better.

  • On completion of this course you will be familiar with the major theoretical perspectives and theories of development of children and youth. You should be able to: - Critically evaluate theories of development; - Considered definitions and value of play ; - Engage with and review debates about selected key concepts relevant to the study of families and personal relationships; - Identify connections between concepts and the themes they raise for research and for social policy ; - Understand models for involving parents in children's literacy acquisition; - Demonstrate how individual, environmental and structural factors can have an impact on parenting; - Discuss how children's early experiences with their parents/caregivers, siblings and peers contribute to the learning of new skills and problem-solving techniques; - Demonstrate your understanding of the importance of negotiating the meaning of care relationships; - Identify ways in which people play the roles of ‘carer’ and ‘receiver of care’ ; - Review the skills needed to be an effective social worker; - Examine the range of factors affecting young people’s well-being.

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