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What is general science? General science gives you a grand tour of biology, chemistry, and physics. Biology is the study of life and living organisms, chemistry is the study of matter and its properties, and physics is the study of matter and its motion. This general science is course is designed to help you gain a better understanding of these three vital subjects so that your science studies, and maybe your next exam, will be a lot easier.
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This course covers a range of important biology topics, including organisms, nutrients, digestion, cell theory, metabolism, plant biology, evolution, mitosis and meiosis, genetics, and gene technology. Moving on to chemistry, you will look at atoms and molecules, acids and bases, separation techniques for mixtures, chemical equilibrium and reactions including the MOLE concept, the periodic table and the origin of the elements, atomic theory, electrochemistry, and food chemistry.

Next, you will move on to physics and study electricity and the electric systems, sound, wave, and motion including force and acceleration, work energy and power, gravity and Newton's law of universal gravitation, magnets and magnetism. You will also look at light including its wave-like nature, the photoelectric effect, the emission and absorption spectra, electric fields, and the electron. These are the fundamental building blocks of the universe, and understanding them is the key to understanding everything around you.

This Diploma in General Science course will be of great interest to students who want to make their study of general science and the key subjects in biology, chemistry, and physics a little easier and clearer. It will not only be a great study aid for improving grades, but can also open up a path to a fantastic career in the field of science or medicine. So why wait? Check out the course and improve your understanding of science in just a few short hours!

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Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course you will increase your understanding of aspects in biology such as organisms, nutrients, digestion, cell theory, enzymes, inorganic material, plant biology, gene technology and much more. It will help you to understand chemistry aspects such as atoms, molecules, acid bases, seperation techniques, chemical equilibrium, chemical reactions, industrial chemistry, periodic table, atomic theory, food chemistry and many other important topics. In physics, you will learn about electricity, circuits, capacitors, transducers, converting AC to DC, sound, motion, gravity, magnetism, materials, Hooke's Law, light and the photoelectic effect.


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