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Design Thinking - Generating Ideas, Stories and Prototypes

Learn about idea generation techniques, concept and storyboard creation, and prototype designing, with this free course.

Publisher: NPTEL
This free online Design Thinking - Generating Ideas, Stories, and Prototype course will teach you how professional products are built from ideas, and how ideas themselves can be productively generated. You will also learn how to create storyboards, derive new concepts, and prototype your designs professionally. These are essential skills for any professional with creative responsibilities, and you can gain them today, for free.
Design Thinking - Generating Ideas, Stories and Prototypes
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Professional designers use a few important methods to generate ideas and turn these ideas into products. This course will guide you through each of these methods. You will learn idea generation techniques such as brainstorming, thinking in reverse, change of environments, and metaphorical thinking. You will also learn about rationalizing, integrating, and prototyping when turning ideas into products. The course will also discuss the process of bundling your ideas in order to create a concept.

Storyboards are a quick, low-resolution prototype that helps designers visualize their concept from start to finish. Scenarios and storyboards are storytelling approaches to design. This course will teach you how scenarios and storyboards can help articulate and visualize your design and promote a shared understanding among everyone on the team before you start building a product. You will also learn how prototyping can help speed up the innovation process and deliver higher quality outputs.

Storyboards and prototypes are essential for the design process and a powerful means of presenting information visually. By gaining these skills, you'll give your résumé a real boost. Prior to taking this course, you should also have a look at the 'Introduction to Design Thinking and People Centred Design' course, so that you are up to speed on basic design thinking. But if you are ready to take this course now, then dive right in and start boosting your professional skills in just a few short hours.

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