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Customer Service Skills

Become expert in customer service and polish your professional communication skills in this free online course.

Publisher: Workforce Academy Partnership
This training course teaches you the basics of customer service. We show you how to focus on the customer to understand their expectations to help you improve their experience of your business. We explain how to deal with stress and constructively interact with clients on the telephone to handle complaints. People’s perceptions of your company’s brand are defined by customer experience, so sign up to make sure they remember you fondly.
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    1.5-3 Hours
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This course lays out the basics of good customer service by breaking down how to anticipate people’s expectations to serve your customer base better. We help you to become a customer service specialist by teaching you key social and professional skills that can set you apart from others. We begin by establishing the importance of focusing on the customer and their needs.

The course then analyzes the shifting rules of modern telephone etiquette. We examine each stage of working with customers over the phone and explain how to handle complaints professionally to ensure that everyone involved is satisfied. People tend to remember bad examples of customer service, so it is essential to make sure they walk away feeling respected.

Finally, we explore various ways to deal with stress effectively. As a customer service professional, you may encounter work-related stress and, learning to handle it professionally and gracefully is key to your success and wellbeing. We outline proven methods to cope with the stress brought on by interacting with the public. Enrol in this online training course to improve your customer service skills and further your career.

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