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Corporate Governance

Learn more about the internal and external factors of an organization's corporate governance, with this online course.

Publisher: Robert Klonoski
This free online Corporate Governance course teaches you about how various forces govern an organisation's behaviour. In this course you will learn about how the goals of an organisation, and the means of achieving those goals are decided upon, and by whom. You will also learn about external governance, government regulations, and more. Start this free online course today to learn about the factors governing corporate behaviour.
Corporate Governance
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Internal governance refers to how policies are established and operations are monitored to ensure that employees and management act reasonably, ethically, and within the law. With this course, you will learn the three ways internal governance can be established in organizations. You will also learn the important topics that should be covered by codes of conduct, policies, and procedures. You will then look into the corporate culture and the role of management in the governance of an organization.

Stakeholders can be viewed as close or expansive. This course will teach you that close stakeholders include groups or individuals on which the organization is dependent for its continued survival while expansive stakeholders are groups or individuals who can affect the achievement of an organization's objectives. You will also look into market failure, laws and regulations, consumer protection, the influence of suppliers, employment law, institutional investors, and financial institutions.

This course clearly discusses the two main aspects of internal and external forms of governance. You will learn the relationships between managers, employees, and the owners of a firm as well as the system of laws, regulations, and market forces that ensure a fair and transparent organization. You will also learn about watchdog organizations which are usually driven by non-profit groups or government agencies whose purpose is to alert the public about the misdeeds of organizations. So why wait? Check out your next course, today.

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