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Conditional Execution and Math Functions in C++ Programming

Learn how to execute C++ conditional statements and perform mathematical operations in C++ from this free online course.

Publisher: NPTEL
'Conditional Execution and Math Functions in C++ Programming' is a free online course that offers an in-depth understanding of conditionalities and different methods of performing mathematical operations in C++. You will study conditional execution using various types of conditional statements, applications of loops and programs for modelling systems. Register for this course now and take your C++ programming skills to the next level today.
Conditional Execution and Math Functions in C++ Programming
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Do you want a professional tutorial on C++ programming with a special emphasis on conditional executions and mathematical functions? This free online course makes it easy to learn C++ for coding and begins with an introduction to expressing complex conditions in conditional statements and different types of compound conditions.

Next, you will study the general form and execution of the switch statement as well as logical data. Learn about ‘loops’ and mark averaging, along with the format and rules of executing a while statement. Discuss the flowchart for the 'for' statement, along with other conditional statements such as the ‘Break’, ‘Continue’ and ‘Do While’ statements. You will also analyze Euclid's algorithm for the greatest common divisor (GCD), correctness proof for GCD, and proof of termination. Furthermore, the course will highlight the methods for performing common mathematical operations such as the Taylor series, numerical integration, bisection method and the Newton-Raphson method. You will also take a look at the brute-force search algorithm (also known as ‘exhaustive search’ in computer science), Pythagorean triples, and how to write programs to model the working of a system. Finally, you will learn about the ASCII representation of the characters.

This free online course provides an in-depth learning experience for intermediate aspects of C++ with a simple guide to operations in C++ and program design. It will be of practical use to aspiring programmers and developers, and anyone with an interest in gaining credible intermediate knowledge and skills in C++ programming.

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