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Understanding the Computer Game Development Business

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  • The computer gaming industry has grown exponentially over the last 20 years and with this growth has come business and technical innovation on a scale never before imagined. EA Games is one of the largest game development companies in the world and is responsible for some of the major games such as James Bond and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. In this free online course we get an insight into the workings of EA Games as a company, how they manage their creative processes as well as their marketing strategies. The course also reviews their organisational structure, intellectual property, potential growth sectors and the future of online games. This course will be of interest to business, marketing and gaming entrepreneurs looking for inspiration to get them on the road to game development, as well as serious gamers seeking to understand the business processes needed to produce world-class computer games and companies.

  • Learning outcomes
    - Understanding of risks involved in creative process to do with Gaming;
    - Examine how a game is developed within a Gaming company;
    - Understand the time and effort of resources to generate a console versus a Gameboy game;
    - Understanding the marketing and creative imperatives of a new product;

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Understanding the Computer Game Development Business
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Modules List( 2 )
  • Module
    Understanding the Computer Game Development Business
    • In this module learn more about the business processes behind computer game development.
    • Organizational Structure: General Manager at EA
    • Allocating capital for new products
    • The Entrepreneur in the Game Industry
    • Game Development Process
    • Intellectual Property
    • Market potential: GameBoy
    • Positioning: James Bond and GameBoy
    • Team Size and Product Development
    • Lessons Learned: Game Development
    • Organizational Structure: Directors vs. producers at EA
    • Career Development: Going in circles until you come home
    • Seeing Failure as Opportunity
    • Opportunity Assessment: Lord of the Rings
    • Opportunity Assessment: Two Towers
    • Opportunity Assessment: Return of the King
    • Lessons Learned: Game Development
    • Game Design: James Bond
    • Competition
    • Innovation and Growth Post-IPO
    • Making an Interactive Game Successful
    • Flexibility: Recognizing Growth Sectors
    • The Future of Online Games
    • The EA Creative Process
  • Module
    Understanding the Business Behind Computer Game Development Assessment
    • You must score 80% or more to pass this assessment.
    • Business behind Game Development
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