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Chemistry - Gases and Their Properties

Gain a better understanding of the characteristics and properties of gases and learn more about the ideal gas law.

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Gases have neither fixed volume nor shape, and are molded entirely by the container in which they are held. From this, it is possible to measure their behavior by measuring properties such as pressure, volume, temperature and number of molecules. This chemistry course will discuss the characteristics of the ideal gas, the concept of the ideal gas law, the behavior of gases under many different conditions, and much more.





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Gas is one of the four fundamental states of matter. A pure gas may be composed of individual atoms, elemental molecules made from one type of atom, or compound molecules made from different atoms. A gas mixture, such as air, contains different types of pure gases. This course will first introduce you to an ideal gas which is a theoretical gas. You will learn that gas molecules exert no attractive or repulsive forces on each other which make their collisions elastic.

Gases behave differently under pressure. This course will teach you how to calculate the pressure of a gas-filled container. You will study the Ideal Gas Law with the famous equation PV=nRT, its characteristics, and how to solve for any part of the Ideal Gas Equation. This course will also teach you how changes to pressure, temperature, or volume affect each other. You will also study the core units of measure for temperature.

Studying the concept behind an ideal gas equation, PV=nRT can help you describe the relationship between pressure, volume, amount, and temperature of a gas. Because they are a simplified model of real gas, they can help explain the basics of the kinetic molecular theory which states that an increase in temperature raises the average kinetic energy of the molecules. So, check out this course and learn more about the behavior of gases, today.

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Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes: - Understand how gases behave under pressure; - Recognise the characteristics of an Ideal gas; - Learn how to calculate the pressure of a gas filled container; - See how changes to pressure, temperature or volume affect each other; - Learn how solve for any part of the Ideal Gas Equation; - Understand the core units of measure for temperature.


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