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NSDC Course: Retail Trainee Associate

Learn the skills and knowledge necessary to become an excellent retail trainee associate with this free course.

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Free Course
This free online retail trainee associate course will teach you about the retail industry, different retail formats, store activities, visual merchandising, and customer buying behaviour. It will also teach you the best tips and tricks for how to effectively deal with customers, and best practices for making sales, and managing inventory and stock. Take this free online course today and master the skills required to work in retail!





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This course begins with a discussion on the retail industry and different types of retail formats such as convenience stores, hypermarket, and franchisee operated stores. You will study the role of and the three phases of activities of a CSA which include pre-customer duties, customer interaction, and post customer exit. You will also study how to make a successful sale, the dos and don'ts while making a sale, and how to handle complaints.

You will then learn how to present merchandise effectively and in an eye-catching manner. You will study the window display basics and the principles of merchandise presentation. This course will also teach you how to keep a record of the stock in your store, prevent shoplifting, and identify shoplifters. It will also discuss how employee theft can lead to inventory shrinkage. In addition, you will study the legal requirements, the importance of good communication, and so much more!

Every retail trainee associate must aim to strengthen their selling abilities as well as build their skill-based knowledge, conversation skills, and personal effectiveness. Upon the completion of this course, you will gain a better understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a trainee associate, the different types of customers and their buying behaviour, how to take stock and prevent inventory shrinkage, and more. Sign up for this course and start delivering excellent retail service today!

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Retail Industry - Introduction

Tour of Retail Outlet

Who is a CSA?

Industry Introduction -Test your Learning

Who is My Customer?

Make a Sale - Good Service

Make a Sale - Dos and Don’t's while Making a Sale

Make a Sale - Excellent Service

Make a Sale - Up Sell

Make a Sale - Cross Sell

Make a Sale - Handle Complaints

Make a Sale - Billing

Making a Sale - test your learning

How is My Store Organised

Visual Merchandising

Manage a Store - Test your Learning

Stock Taking

Inventory Shrinkage - I

Inventory Shrinkage - II

Product Knowledge

Legal Requirements

Manage Inventory & Product Knowledge- Test your Learning

Creating Good Impression

Know My Customer

Know My Workplace

Communicative English - Test your Learning


Self Management

Working as a Team

Looking for a Job

Personal Effectiveness & Career Skills - Test my Learning

Retail Trainee Associate - Graded Assessment

Basics of Merchandising

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the retail industry and explain the different types of retail formats.
  • Identify the activities in a retail outlet.
  • Identify your roles and responsibilities as a trainee associate.
  • Identify different types of customers and their buying behaviour.
  • Deliver excellent service while making a sale.
  • Define how to up sell and cross sell.
  • Explain how to handle customer complaints effectively.
  • Describe the different layouts of a store.
  • Describe different ways to maintain effective visual merchandising.
  • State the need to use safety equipment.
  • Recognise how to stock take and causes of an inventory shrinkage.
  • List the different categories of products.
  • State the legal rights of the retailer and the consumer.
  • Recognise effective communication skills.
  • Identify the need for good etiquette and self-hygiene.
  • Identify ways to improve your self-management.
  • Prepare for an interview by writing an effective resume.


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