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Biology - Heredity

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Biology - Heredity
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  • Heredity is the genetic transmission of characteristics from parent to offspring. Many of these characteristics, particularly the dominant ones, have a physical manifestation like hair colour or colour blindness, but other traits can skip generations until the right combination of genes allows a regressive trait to appear.

    This course about heredity will look at how traits are passed on, why some traits form part of our physical makeup and why we only carry others in our genes but never express them. You will learn how to work out ratios of traits that are present in both the genotype and phenotype using the Punnett Square method and the Hardy-Weinberg Principle. You will also learn how bacteria change their DNA over time and how this impacts on human health. Similarly you will learn how viruses replicate and how they can change human DNA.

    This heredity course will be of great interest to all learners who wish to pursue a career in sciences such as biology, medicine, zoology or botany and to any individual who simply wants to learn more about how traits are inherited and changed.

  • After completing this course you will be able to: - Describe how heredity, particularly how our genotype is masked by out appearance; - Use the Punnett Square to establish which traits are passed on; - Calculate % of population lightly to have a particular trait; - Describe how bacteria replicate and change; - Describe how viruses operate and change; - and explain how viruses can affect our DNA.

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