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Beginner Level English Course - Present Continuous

Learn how to talk about a current action with this free course on the English present continuous tense.

Free Course
This free online English language course teaches you about the present continuous tense. You will learn how to talk about an action or event that is currently happening. This course also contains interactive visual learning content and audio exercises that feature native English speakers. It will help you develop your listening skills and make it easier for you to understand and engage in a conversation using the English language.





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This course will help you recognise the Present Continuous tense in English and make statements such as 'He is talking to his students.' You will learn how to ask questions in Present Continuous such as 'Are they playing in the park?' as well as form 'Wh' questions in the Present Continuous such as 'What are you cooking for dinner?' You will also study the standard phrases that are used to make a phone call.

You will then learn how to reply to questions in the English Present Continuous tense such as 'I am cooking beef stew for dinner.' You will study the different questions and phrases that are used to make a phone call to a company such as 'Am I calling the head office?' and 'I am calling about the products that my company is selling.' Finally, you will learn how to briefly answer in the English Present Continuous tense such as 'Are they playing basketball? Yes, they are.'

The interactive visual learning content, audio files, and exercises in this English grammar course will teach you everything you need to know about the Present Continuous tense of English verbs. You will learn that by adding 'ing' to verbs in English, you can easily make sentences and ask questions in the English Present Continuous tense. The audio files in this English course are accessible via mobile phones and tablets, so you can practice and learn anytime and anywhere you want. So why wait?! Continue your English learning journey, today.

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