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Astronomy - The Wonders of the Big Bang and Our Universe Free Course

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  • The Big Bang theory has revolutionized our understanding of how the Universe was formed. It presents the scientific proof that shows how the Universe expanded from an infinitely small point around 13.7 billion years ago. In this free online course the learner will discover how scientists calculated when the Big Bang happened and how the Universe expanded after the Big Bang. The formation of the first atoms is discussed and how they are responsible for the cosmic background radiation that is found throughout the Universe. This free online course will be of great interest to students of astronomy and physics and to all learners who would like to learn more about the Big Bang theory and what it has to say about the formation of the Universe.

  • Having completed this course the learner will be able to:
    - Describe when the Big Bang happened;
    - Describe how the Universe expanded after the Big Bang;
    - Describe how the age of the Universe is estimated

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Modules List( 2 )
  • Module 1: Understanding the Big Bang
    • The Big Bang - Learning Outcomes
    • Introduction to the Big Bang
    • Radius of Observable Universe – Part 1
    • Radius of Observable Universe – Part 2
    • Radius of Observable Universe – Part 3
    • Red Shift
    • Cosmic Background Radiation – Part 1
    • Cosmic Background Radiation – Part 2
    • Hubble's Law
    • A Universe Smaller than the Observable
    • Lesson Summary
  • Module 2: The Big Bang Assessment
    • Big Bang Assessment
Topics List ( 1 )
Module 2: The Big Bang Assessment
You must score 80% or more to pass this assessment.
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