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High IQ: The Science of Being Smart

Learn what the IQ really is, how it works, how it is measured and how it can be improved in this free online course.

Publisher: Chris M. Nemo
The Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is a concept that many people find fascinating. By studying this course, you will learn about its origin and meaning and how and where you can get tested. You will be shown where your scores place you on the scale of measurement and in comparison with other people globally. We will also explore high IQ societies, memory training, brain exercises, a healthy brain lifestyle and the use of nootropics.
High IQ: The Science of Being Smart
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The brain is the most intriguing organ of the human body, with many of us curious to know more about how and why it works the way it does. The Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is a concept that people find particularly interesting related to the brain. Society's fascination with IQ possibly has to do with the value placed on intelligence and the fortunes it is thought to bestow on people with high IQ measurements. What exactly is the truth about IQ? Is it fixed from birth and unchanging throughout an individual's lifetime? Are IQ tests effective at measuring intelligence? What are some of the IQ tests available? How and where can one get tested? What sort of questions are asked on an IQ test? How is the scoring done? What is considered a good IQ? What are the records of the highest and lowest scores ever? This course will answer all of these questions and study concepts that will shed better light on the brain's workings, IQ, and general intelligence.

While attempting to quantify intelligence, it is critical to understand what intelligence entails. We will study the definition of intelligence and the different types of intelligence. The course will take you through the factors considered in the measurement of intelligence. We'll focus on crystallized and fluid intelligence, which are important indicators in the measurement of general intelligence. Next, you will be taught how IQ is defined and how its measurement has evolved, starting with Alfred Binet and Theodore Simon's original test. You will also learn what an IQ test does and does not measure, how its scores are computed and why it is interpreted the way it is. There are various types of IQ tests, so this course will explain how these tests differ and why anyone may be more popular than the rest. Just like any other test, people are often stressed when taking the IQ test. It's only human to want to come out tops or even the very best. This course will equip you with tips and tricks for taking the IQ test and provide background about the highest recorded IQs. We'll also explain the concept of the lowest IQ so that if and when you decide to take a test, you will be going into it with the proper perspective.

Of the many questions regarding the brain, intelligence and IQ, one of the most common questions comes down to whether it is possible to improve one's intelligence. And if yes? How do I go about it? In answering these questions, you will be taught the IQ boosting triad, memory training techniques, brain leverage exercises and a healthy brain lifestyle. Furthermore, we'll explore high IQ societies, how individuals qualify for membership and get admitted and what benefits accrue to anyone who is enrolled. We will also provide more information about neurotransmitters, neuroprotective agents, blood flow boosters, adaptogens, memory herbs and medication. Is there any hope for someone with an average or even low IQ? You might be wondering. This course will give you a well-rounded perspective of intelligence and how you can thrive in life, regardless of what your IQ is. Are you interested in the workings of the brain, intelligence and IQ? Then look no further than this course. You can enrol immediately, without any prerequisites. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today.

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