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Administrative Support

Master the fundamentals of administrative support with this free online course to become indispensable in the office.

Publisher: Workforce Academy Partnership
This course teaches you the basics of organization, resource and time management and communication. We explain how to manage office resources and time more effectively to improve everyone’s performance. We then show you how to improve your verbal and non-verbal communication skills to influence others and empower yourself. This course offers training that can make you a successful and effective administrative assistant or office manager.
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Would you like to manage your time productively? Do you strive to be organized and want more responsibility in the workplace? This course helps you to reach these goals and teaches you everything you need to know to become a more efficient administrative assistant. We begin with an overview of practical skills to help you refine your organizational skills. We show you how to get the most out of voicemail, emails and interoffice mail before explaining how to optimize your office space and work environment. The course demonstrates how to create a workflow pattern diagram to become more efficient in the workplace. 

Time management is crucial to becoming great at your job and we provide proven techniques to help you to squeeze more productivity out of each hour. We examine the ‘work breakdown structure’ (WBS) document, a key tool to help you open communication between your colleagues and keep it flowing. Learning to prioritize your work will help you focus and keep you on track to meet your deadlines. We then explain how to handle particular tasks that require more precise organization and execution and outline the basics of handling any special tasks that you may encounter. The course delves into verbal and non-verbal communication skills to illustrate their importance in different situations.  

The course then lays out steps you can take to empower yourself. Administrative support professionals are often expected to act independently, make decisions and resolve issues with little or no direction. Learning to operate without oversight is thus necessary but knowing when to be assertive or when to work as part of a team is equally important as it keeps the lines of communication flowing. Working well with your manager and having a positive relationship will lead to more responsibility and therefore more independence. This course is valuable to almost all working people but particularly suits those in administration. Every office needs organized administrators to maintain productivity and this course trains you to become an effective support professional on your way to becoming office manager.

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