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Using Tricider for Online Classroom Collaboration

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Using Tricider for Online Classroom Collaboration
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  • Tricider is a free Web application that can be used for online classroom collaboration and brainstorming ideas. It allows teachers and students collaborate together to collect ideas, discuss these ideas to find solutions and vote on the argument they think is the best. In this free online course you will learn how easy it is for a teacher or student to create a question and share it with the desired audience, allowing them to respond in their own time and argue on the best solution. This course will be of great interest to teachers and trainers who would like to learn for free how to use a Web application to get their students thinking and collaborating on problems together. Anyone that needs to create discussions and get feedback on topics regularly should do this course.

  • Learning outcomes:
    - Create a question; - Add an idea; - Share your question; - Answer a question; - Add an argument; - Vote up a comment; - Add a question to your blog; - See question results summary;

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