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Multimedia Web Applications for Teachers and Trainers

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Multimedia Web Applications for Teachers and Trainers
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  • This free online course explains in a step by step manner how Web applications such as Glogster and Wallwisher can be used and how they can be adapted as educational aids in a teaching and training environment. The course shows how to set up an account, and how multimedia resources such as text files, graphics, photos and videos can be loaded and manipulated within these Web applications. This course is ideal for teachers, trainers, students, or indeed anyone who wants to learn how to share multimedia resources in an interactive and engaging way.

  • This course will teach you how to register at the Glogster Website and add graphics, text, images, video, sound, links and much more on your Glogster page. You can create a poster to discuss a topic in more detail using many effective resources available on Glogster. This course will also enable you to register, post, add links, video and images to your wall on WallWisher to discuss a topic of interest to you and your group. You will understand the benefits of setting up a wall on WallWisher and you will be able to use Wallwisher online to collaborate with others on a specific topic.

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