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Microsoft Digital Literacy - Computer Basics

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Microsoft Digital Literacy - Computer Basics
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  • Computing is an important part of everyday life in the twenty-first century. From music and photos to banking and communicating, computers have changed the way we work and live. The first module of the Microsoft Digital Literacy curriculum, available for free online, introduces you to the fundamentals of computing, explains the components of a computer, explores operating system basics, and shows you how to use a mouse and a keyboard.

  • Upon completion of this course you will have a working knowledge of the different parts of a computer, such as the hardware, operating system and network. You will understand the different types of computers available, memory, computer performance and programs. You will learn about Windows Vista GUI and menu options. This couse will help you to manage files and folders on your computer more efficiently.

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Modules List( 1 )
  • Computer Basics
    • Computer Basics
    • Welcome
    • Course Information
    • Module Introduction and Objectives
    • Lesson 1 Introduction and Objectives
    • Lesson 1 Topic 1 The Role of Computers
    • Lesson 1 Topic 2 Parts of a Computer
    • Lesson 1 Topic 3 Using a Computer
    • Lesson 1 Topic 4 Overview of a Keyboard
    • Lesson 1 Topic 5 Using a Mouse
    • Lesson 1 Topic 6 Input Output and Storage Devices
    • Lesson 1 Self Test
    • Lesson 2 Introduction and Objectives
    • Lesson 2 Topic 1 Introduction to Hardware
    • Lesson 2 Topic 2 What is an Operating System
    • Lesson 2 Topic 3 Overview of Programs and Data
    • Lesson 2 Topic 4 Introduction to Networks
    • Lesson 2 Topic 5 Using the Internet
    • Lesson 2 Self Test
    • Lesson 3 Introduction and Objectives
    • Lesson 3 Topic 1 Types of Computers
    • Lesson 3 Topic 2 The Role of Memory
    • Lesson 3 Topic 3 Computer Performance
    • Lesson 3 Topic 4 Productivity Programs
    • Lesson 3 Topic 5 Communication Programs
    • Lesson 3 Topic 6 Educational Programs
    • Lesson 3 Self Test
    • Lesson 4 Introduction and Objectives
    • Lesson 4 Topic 1 Functions of an Operating System
    • Lesson 4 Topic 2 Introduction to the Windows Vista GUI
    • Lesson 4 Topic 3 Start Menu Options
    • Lesson 4 Topic 4 Working with Windows-based Programs
    • Lesson 4 Topic 5 Managing Files and Folders
    • Lesson 4 Topic 6 Performing Basic File Operations
    • Lesson 4 Self Test
    • Lesson 5 Introduction and Objectives
    • Lesson 5 Topic 1 Understanding the Widespread Reach of Computers
    • Lesson 5 Topic 2 Overview of Career Opportunities
    • Lesson 5 Self Test
    • Module Summary
Topics List ( 40 )
Computer Basics
Computer Basics The Computer Basics course covers the fundamentals of computing, explaining the components of a computer, operating system basics, and how to use a mouse and a keyboard.The Contents tab displays all the lessons and topics of the course. Each time you click the Contents tab, you will come to this page. A green tick indicates those lessons and topics you have completed, so you can easily see your progress.
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