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Fundamentals of Using Edmodo for Social Media in the Classroom

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Fundamentals of Using Edmodo for Social Media in the Classroom
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  • Edmodo is an online application that assists teachers and trainers in leveraging social media to enhance learning in a classroom setting. This free online course about Edmodo will take you through the application, from setting up a group and inviting students to join the relevant group through to creating a central repository of resources that you can use with any group. Key to Edmodo’s appeal to students is the familiarity of the user interface built around postings to a wall, along with the ability to attach any kind of document to the various posts. You will learn how to use the various types of posts, and the differences between the teacher and student views and functionality. General site management tasks are also explained such as closing groups, restricting students from posting content and restricting notification e-mails. This free online course about Edmodo will be of great interest to teachers and trainers who would like to learn more about incorporating the functionality of social media within an educational setting, and to students who would like to manage their academic workload and assignments via a social media platform that is familiar and flexible.

  • Learning outcomes:
    - Set up and maintain an Edmodo group;
    - Manage individual students and groups;
    - Understand and manage the wall;
    - Create the various general posts and share content;
    - Create specific posts for notes, polls, quizzes, assessments and calendars;
    - Place and manage content in a central library;
    - Leave feedback for individual students;

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