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ALISON Study Groups

ALISON study groups 

Join the learning revolution with ALISON

Engage your students using ALISON’s wide range of courses developed for schools by educational experts. With online content available 24/7, use ALISON Study Groups free LMS to cater for different learning styles in the classroom with ease. With ALISON, the world is your classroom!

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Flash Testing

ALISON flash testing 

Test and Verify Students Knowledge

ALISON’s secure, professional online testing service is an easy to use tool for training and educational assessment. Instantly test students’ knowledge on a wide range of subject matter. Use ALISON Testing in conjunction with ALISON Manager for a 360° approach to web based learning.

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ALISON ad free 

Learning with no Ad interruptions

ALISON’s main source of income comes from the advertisements appearing on our courses, allowing us to provide our courses for free. We offer an advertisement-free option for individuals and groups. Sign up for a seamless learning experience.

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ALISON Certification

ALISON certification 

Benefit from the ALISON Global Standard

ALISON Certificates and Diplomas are only awarded upon course completion with a score of 80% or more – note that this is to a higher standard than traditional Educational Institutes. We also offer customized certificates for group management.

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