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With millions of registered learners, and over 200,000 new sign-ups every month, you won't find an audience like this anywhere else.

Why Publish on ALISON?

Earn Certification Revenue

ALISON's main income stream is the revenue from printed certification for course completions. As one of our publishers, you'll earn money every time someone purchases a parchment for completion of your course.

Reach Millions of Learners

ALISON has over 9 million registered learners, and that number is growing faster than ever before. As new populations in Africa and Asia come online, the market for online education can only grow.

Digitize your Content

Our e-learning experts have years of experience developing and repurposing content for the web. If you've got quality content in traditional media, we can help prepare it for a new life online.

How it works


Get in Touch!

Let us know what content you have and what your credentials are.


We'll Review Your Content

There are lots of topics we could cover on ALISON, but whatever the course is on, it needs to be high-quality. Our e-learning gurus will review your content to make sure it meets our standards, and give you feedback on how to improve it if it doesn't.


Package it for the Web

We use SCORM packages for all our content online. If you've already got your content in SCORM packages, great, if not, we can package it for you.


Deploy it Online!

Once it's reviewed and properly packaged, your content is ready to go live! We just add it to the site, and before you know it, people from all over the world are studying your course.


Market it

We can market the courses to our learner database and via Google Adwords.


Share the Revenue

We offer a share of advertising and certificate revenue to pubishers.

Interested in Becoming a Publisher?

If you think you'd like to become a publisher on ALISON, you can get in touch with us by filling out this form and we'll get in touch with you to talk about your courses.

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Need to know more?

If you need more information about publishing on ALISON, why not Contact Us with your query, or check if it's already been answered in our Publishing FAQ

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