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This is to certify that Alison has awarded Zaid Nabil Alhulaiba living in Saudi Arabia the certificate of completion in Diploma in C Programming.

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Diploma in C Programming
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Course Details

Gain a better understanding of the C programming language including its key concepts and features with this course.

This course begins by discussing the importance of programming languages. You will study the binary number system and learn how to convert between binary, hexadecimal, and decimal. This course also explains why you need to include statements in your programs. You will learn the role of RAM in programming a language as well as study the structure that defines all programs, how functions work and run in your program, and what syntax is.

You will then look into the fundamentals of numbers, variables, and arrays. This course will then teach you how to use pointers, constants, and strings. You will learn the difference between a variable and a constant, where and how constants are stored, and how to create an array. You will also study the importance of pointers in programming, how to change the address a pointer is pointing at, and how to display the memory address of a pointer.

In this concise course on programming in C, all you have to do is dedicate a few hours of your time each day and you'll soon be on your way to an exciting and productive career. A deeper understanding of the C programming language and its key concepts and features is essential for C programming competency, start this course today to learn more about programming in C.

Modules Studied

Module 1: Module 1 Introduction to programming and Binary and Hexadecimal
Module 2: Module 2 How Programming Works
Module 3: Module 3 – Program Flow
Module 4: Module 4 Writing Your First Program
Module 5: Module 5 Diploma in C Programming First Assessment
Module 6: Module 6 Numbers
Module 7: Module 7 Variables
Module 8: Module 8 Arrays and Pointers
Module 9: Module 9 Diploma in C Programming Second Assessment
Module 10: Module 10 Using Pointers
Module 11: Module 11 Constants and String Literals
Module 12: Module 12 Diploma in C Programming Third Assessment
Module 13: Module 13 Conditional Flow Statements
Module 14: Module 14 Using Statements
Module 15: Module 15 Diploma in C Programming Fourth Assessment
Module 16: Course assessment

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