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This is to certify that Alison has awarded Lukasz Wojciech Kawecki living in United Kingdom the certificate of completion in Databases - DML Statements and SQL Server Administration.

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Databases - DML Statements and SQL Server Administration
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Learn about DML Statements and database security using SQL Server Administration with this databases course.

This course begins by discussing how the SELECT statement retrieves data from your database. You will learn that the SELECT statement can include the WHERE clause to define the conditions used to determine what rows will be returned. This course will also teach you how to modify your database using INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE. It will also teach you that predicates are used in the search condition of WHERE clauses and HAVING clauses, the join conditions of FROM clauses, and other constructs where a Boolean value is required.

You will then study how to secure your database and its objects. With this course, you will learn that a database user is a security-level principal that must be mapped to be able to log in at the server level and connect to the database. It will also teach you how to add users and set their permission levels as well as backup and restore your database. In addition, you will learn how aggregate functions work with the SELECT statement.

Learning how to query a database and apply security to it will greatly enhance your computer skills and with this course, you will learn all these, and more. You will study the three-tiered approach to accessing content which includes SQL Server access, Database access, and Object access. You will also learn that accessing the database is on a different level compared to accessing the Server. Check out the course and boost your computer skills now!

Modules Studied

Module 1: Using DML Statements
Module 2: Sql Server Administration Fundamentals
Module 3: Course assessment

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