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This is to certify that Alison has awarded Tom Eloph living in United States of America the certificate of completion in Diploma in Mental Health.

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Diploma in Mental Health
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Course Details

Learn how to manage mental wellbeing with this free online mental health diploma course that explores human psychology.

Mental health problems afflict roughly one in four adults and also affect those around them. This psychology diploma course studies the issues of stigma and discrimination and establishes the importance of promoting mental wellbeing.

The course begins by showing you how to tell people who exhibit ‘normal’ behaviour apart from those suffering mental distress. We also explain how to identify a range of neurotic and psychotic behavioural tendencies. The course then moves on to the sensitive topic of suicide. We teach you how to identify the signs of suicidal thoughts and offer preventative measures that could save a life. We also cover a range of personality disorders, phobias, neurotic behaviours and the complex questions surrounding substance abuse.

This course is not aimed just at mental health counselors and other healthcare or social work professionals, but is also helpful for anyone who has experienced mental health issues personally or from a loved one. It also suits anyone who is interested in the mind, how it works and how it breaks down. Sign up to greatly improve your chances of helping someone deal with serious mental health issues (including possibly yourself).

Modules Studied

Module 1: Mental Health - Behavior
Module 2: Mental Health - Burnout and Depression
Module 3: Diploma in Mental Health - First Assessment
Module 4: Mental Health - Understanding Suicide
Module 5: Mental Health - Violent and Hostile Behavior
Module 6: Mental Health - Substance Abuse
Module 7: Diploma in Mental Health - Second Assessment
Module 8: Relaxation And Cognitive Techniques
Module 9: Exercise And DIY Strategies
Module 10: Diploma in Mental Health - Third Assessment
Module 11: Course assessment