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This is to certify that Alison has awarded Tom Eloph living in United States of America the certificate of completion in Advanced Diploma in Geographic Information Systems.

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Advanced Diploma in Geographic Information Systems
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Course Details

Learn about geographic information systems, and how to represent data in the real world in this free online course.

This course will begin by introducing you to the meaning of geographic information systems. You will learn about the concepts in GIS, and how to represent data in the real world. You will be informed on how data flows, the different databases, models, and the various opportunities available in the GIS field. This will lead you to ways in which data can be collected, where data can be gotten, and how data can be generated.

Next, this free online course will bring you up to speed with data quality, databases available, and how to use them in geographic information systems. You will further be informed of the various analyses that can be done on the data collected. You will gain an understanding of the software used in mastering tools and signs in geographic information systems. You will then learn about the use of GIS along with other technologies in representing data to the real world. 

Lastly, you will be introduced to the global positioning system, which is one of those systems which can be a key technology that drives the geographic information system. You will then gain an understanding of how different data can be collected using a geographic positioning system. This will then lead you to remote sensing, which is, using earth-orbiting satellites or even high altitude planes in order to collect information about images of a region, an area, or a phenomenon. This will further bring you up to speed with spatial analysis which has to do with using a system to derive meaningful information from data. 

Modules Studied

Module 1: Introduction to Geographical Information System
Module 2: Representing a Real World in Digital Scape
Module 3: Data Types and Data Models
Module 4: Querying, Georeferencing and Map Projections
Module 5: GIS Data Quality
Module 6: Global Positioning System
Module 7: Diploma in Advanced Geographic Information Systems - First Assessment
Module 8: Introduction to Database and Database Management System
Module 9: Database Query and Spatial Analysis
Module 10: Basic and Advanced Spatial Analysis of Data
Module 11: Introduction to QGIS and Data Import
Module 12: Data Generation and Analysis using Various Sources
Module 13: Open Source GIS Software and Geoserver
Module 14: Advanced Diploma in Geographic Information Systems - Second Assessment
Module 15: Course assessment