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Diploma in Business Administration
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Discover how to deliver top-quality administration services with this free online Diploma in Business Administration.

The administration function within an organisation is critical to many broader business activities and there are specialist skills required to perform optimally and contribute to business success. In this free online Diploma in Business Administration, you will learn some of the basic equipment and competencies needed to be a business administrator within a customer-facing environment. Phone systems are becoming increasingly sophisticated and this free business management course covers some of the key features of different phone systems as well as how to make, receive and transfer calls to maintain good communication. You will also analyze the importance of verbal and non-verbal communication. Business operations are then analyzed including what processes you may be involved with and how to work in a team of different types of people, which brings its own set of challenges.

This business administration certification will discuss essential administrative duties and the role of technology in fulfilling these duties. You will learn the purpose of the chairperson in a meeting, their formal responsibilities and the arrangements and actions of the business administrator which includes planning and organising meetings as well as follow-up actions. The course content discusses business travel, how to obtain travel-related information, business travel policies and how to stay within budget. Good customer service is another important part of business operations and this course will teach you how to handle customer issues, how to treat customers, how to use product knowledge and expertise to deliver tailored customer service as well as how customer and consumer expectations can be met. Content discussed in this administration management course covers situation-specific company guidelines, induction, training and corporate communications updates. Content then explored is product and service quality and how maintaining high standards avoids customer losses and complaints. In the last part of this course, the production of high-quality documents is discussed in detail along with different types of documents and processes you might be involved in along with the benefits of using supportive technology such as Microsoft (MS) Office.

If you want to learn comprehensive and effective business administration skills and are a student looking to learn new skills or an administration professional wanting to refine their competencies, then start this Diploma in Business Administration today.

Modules Studied

Module 1: Introduction in Business Administration
Module 2: Working in a Business Environment
Module 3: Key Business Administrative Duties
Module 4: Diploma in Business Administration - First Assessment
Module 5: Deliver and Evaluate Customer Service
Module 6: The Production and Preparation of Documents
Module 7: Diploma in Business Administration - Second Assessment
Module 8: Course assessment