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This is to certify that Alison has awarded Tom Eloph living in United States of America the certificate of completion in Diploma in Multimedia Development.

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Diploma in Multimedia Development
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Course Details

Learn animation and create professional looking videos, visual effects and motion graphics.

This free online Diploma in Multimedia Development course covers the skills and techniques needed to create professional-looking videos, visual effects, motion graphics and animations. The course offers a rigorous exploration of key multimedia tools including Adobe Photoshop, Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Flash, Audacity, Director MX and Adobe After Effects.

The video-based tutorials are delivered in a non-technical and step-by-step manner by the award-winning multimedia teacher Russell Stannard. The Diploma course is ideal for those who want to gain a thorough knowledge and understanding of multimedia development tools and techniques and who want to enhance their career prospects in the process.

Modules Studied

Module 1: Windows Movie Maker for Video Editing
Module 2: Adobe Flash - Create Interactive Quiz Questions
Module 3: Adobe Photoshop - Graphics Editing Software
Module 4: Audacity - Audio Editing Software
Module 5: Adobe Flash CS3
Module 6: Adobe Photoshop CS3
Module 7: Director MX 2004 - Introduction to the Interface
Module 8: Adobe After Effects
Module 9: Director MX 2004 - Animating Graphics
Module 10: Director MX 2004 - Scripting with Lingo
Module 11: Director MX 2004 - Sound in Director
Module 12: Director MX 2004 - Video in Director
Module 13: Assessment