So, you’ve decided to do an online course and have chosen your field of study. You fly through the first few modules, invigorated by the course content and your own pace of learning. You envision expanding your CV, adding another language to your resume or filling out that ‘Hobbies and Interests’ section. There’s a job you are after and you know this will increase your prospects. You wonder why you didn’t do this before. Free online courses just a click away; it’s a no-brainer, right?

And then life starts to get in the way. Work commitments and family life inevitably crop up, pulling you away from your virtual classroom and into the real world. While you remain motivated and intent on completing, you just don’t seem to be able to get across the line.

Our 12 million learners are constantly giving us feedback on what works for them. We’ve compiled some of the best ones into a list of top 5 study tips, that will keep you on track and help you successfully complete your chosen online course.

Make a study plan and stick with it

Start by looking at your weekly calendar of activities and working out what the best times are for you to study. Set aside fixed times during the week to work on the course. It might mean going online during your lunch break or studying after you put the kids to bed. You decide what will work best for you and your busy schedule. Once you have the study plan prepared, stick with it.

Study with a friend or colleague

Online learning can be a little lonely, so deciding to study with a friend or colleague can help alleviate the loneliness and it will also help to keep you motivated and focused.  Research shows you are much more likely to complete an online course if you do it with a friend or colleague.

Set short term goals and reward yourself

Set personal learning and time goals for each module of the course.  For example, decide how much time it will take you to complete module one and then work to complete it within the allotted time period. Manage your time wisely and reward yourself with something nice if you manage to achieve the goal. Keep up to date with your progress with your free monthly Learner Report.

Get ahead when you can

If you manage to get a module done quicker than expected, move ahead to the next module, and so on. The beauty of online learning with Alison is that you set your own pace. So when you get the chance to get more done, make it count!

Remind yourself why you are doing the course

If you find yourself slipping behind and skipping your study times, re-focus on why you decided to do the course in the first place. In a recent study of Alison graduates in Nigeria, 17% declared that they had secured a new job, a promotion, an interview or their career was boosted as a result of studying with Alison.  In addition, 63% said that completing an Alison course gave them an edge in the workplace and improved their workplace skills. Keep your end goal in mind and that will help motivate you to complete the course.

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